• Infrared home services

    An infrared camera is like having a second set of eyes on the inspection, only this second set of eyes does not use natural light to see, it uses infrared light.The infrared camera can associate a surface temperature and create a picture on the LCD screen.

    Consumer need: The high cost of home ownership and making repairs is driving the need for more accurate information about a home's condition.

    Economic benefit: By investing in infrared services at a home inspection, the home owner will experience lower home maintenance cost or a reduction in major surprise repairs.

    Infrared services program: Offering a more thorough analysis of a home's condition , including moisture detection, HVAC assessment, insulation scans,electrical scans, and structural scans.

    Moisture detection

    To identify areas of moisture to remove before mold growth. Technically speaking, infrared does not detect moisture, infrared cameras detect surface temperature, and from this data, we can apply our knowledge of buildings and use infrared science to deduce problem areas that require confirmation.

    HVAC assessment

    Infrared technology is perfectly suited to provide the home inspector with more information about the performance of HVAC  systems. We evaluate the supply temperature at the register farthest from the furnace, By reading the expected rise in temperature range from the data plate on the unit and measuring the temperature at the return,

    Insulation scans

    Infrared services can provide a cost-effective solution to evaluate the quality of insulation in a building environment.

    Electrical scans

    Electricity has the power to kill by electrocution or by fire. A poorly designed or implemented electrical system has the greatest potential for disaster. When electrical system and their components begin to fail, they create heat. Infrared cameras can use this heat signature to identify problems areas which require further evaluation by a licensed electrical professional.

    Structural scans

    An infrared camera can image the structural outline of a building's frame. Common applications for this type of service are scanning for missing wall studs and headers over windows or doors.

    New home

    To assist the new home with many aspects ranging from quality control to moisture  investigations, as well as quality control check for insulation.

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