• Home Inspection Services

    Optimum Inspection offers the most comprehensive home inspection available.

    An Optimum Inspection provides a thorough, detailed, and professional evaluation of your property’s accessible features, major systems and their components such as: structure, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Roof & Chimneys, Interior, Exterior, Insulation & Ventilation, Lot Grading, Basement Humidity and is performed in accordance with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) Standards of Practice.

    We start at the roof and evaluate not only the roof surface, but also the chimney, the ventilation system, the electrical service entrance, the plumbing stack, and any other systems or components located on the roof.

    Our next step is to inspect the exterior of the home. We use a macro and micro approach to look at both the big picture and all the details.

    We then move inside the house, starting into the attic and then way down through the house into the basement. While inside, we address such things as the structure, the heating and cooling systems, the electrical and plumbing systems, the interior finishes, the insulation and ventilation, and accessories such as fireplaces.

    Our evaluation is then communicated through a detailed inspection report, which includes descriptions of all the systems in the home, as well as any recommended improvements. This will help you prioritize the improvements and develop a blueprint for your future in the home.

    Best of all, our services don't end with the inspection. For as long as you own the home, you can call with any additional questions - at no extra charge!

    Pre-purchase / pre-sale inspection services

    If you're buying or selling a home, a home inspection is a great investment. At Optimum Inspection, we take pride in providing the best home inspection available. Our combination of experience and training are second to none, and we make a point of staying current with trends in our profession and home construction.

    The pre-purchase home inspection is just one of the services we offer. We also perform inspections for sellers before the home goes on the market. This kind of inspection can make the selling process faster and smoother for all parties.

    Service 7 days a week

    Infrared, thermal imaging service

    Optimum Inspection utilizes infrared, thermal imaging equipment. Thermal imaging equipment is able to detect what no eye can see - minor variations in temperature that can signal electrical or moisture problems. This inspection does not include a detailed thermographic scan of the home.

    Thermal imaging reveals surface temperature variations of the building, which can be interpreted by inspectors to identify problems in structure, moisture content and air leakage. It can also be used to find hidden heating and cooling losses, moisture intrusion, inadequate or non-existent insulation, plumbing leaks and poor construction. Early correction of these conditions can prevent more extensive damage in the future.

    Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

    Builders are required to conduct a Pre-Delivery Inspection of all freehold homes and condominium units. An Optimum Inspection’s Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is conducted at the time a newly built home is transferred from the builder to the new homeowner..

    At the mandatory pre-delivery inspection, builders must complete a standardized pre-delivery form that contains all of the information that is contained in Tarion's standard Pre-Delivery Form, which can be found at www.tarion.com.

    It is important during your pre-delivery inspection that you identify and document any items that are damaged, missing, incomplete or not operating properly and that everything has been completed according to your Agreement of Purchase and <:namespace prefix="st1" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags">Sale.

    Optimum Inspection will accompany you as you walk through your new home with the builder's representative and will identify and document any visual deficiencies in the home. Features such as roofing (if safely accessible), insulation, heating / air conditioning (based on season) and ventilation systems and electrical systems will be inspected thoroughly to ensure your new home's major systems and its components are working properly.

    English and Spanish

    We offer this home inspection consulting service in both languages English or Spanish.

    Reporting systems 

    Every client is provided an inspection report using the industries more sofisticated software using Horizon Sofware. The report shows a detailed description in both words and diagrams. It allows us to share important findings thoughout the inspection with multiple parties ant an instant. See our sample report.

    Digital pictures

    Digital photos allow to clarify our findings with a visual document enhancing the information about the home.

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